Maksim Sulimau
- Has founded and successfully developed 9 YouTube-channels in 5 languages

- Has received the Gold Play Button from YouTube - an honorary international award for 1.000.000 subscribers. Owns several Silver Play Buttons for 100.000 subscribers

- Effectively runs a team of 30 people located in various parts of the world

- Was selected from thousands of bloggers to become an expert at the international contest"School of Bloggers", held with the support of the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation

- Has founded a successful E-commerce startup and launched his own merch

- Collaborates with famous brands and companies such as Macy's, Roborock, Wondershare, ComicCon & Igromir, Synergy, ect.

- Is published as an expert and celebrity in various international media

- Is a member of National Bloggers Association of Russian Federation
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