How to start a Youtube channel without showing yourself
Your free guide to the world of YouTube
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The author
Maksim Sulimau – a popular blogger with an audience of 2.5M people from 90 countries across the globe!
I made this free course covering the pitfalls of Youtube to help those who're new to video blogging. Thanks to these instructive and informative lessons, only in 3 days you'll be able to start your channel, customize it and publish your first video. This free course has everything you need for a good start!
1 Module
— Meet me and YouTube. I'll tell you where I started and how the platform has changed ever since
— How to make money on YouTube? Monetization, partner programs and advertisers
— Popular YouTube niches in 2021. It's not just a list of ideas. These are the most profitable topics right now

2 Module
— Plan, plot structure. Copyrighting. At this point, you'll learn how to hold the viewers on your channel and encourage them to watch more
— Voice over. How to do it properly and not do it by yourself
— Montage. You'll make your first video right on this lesson!

3 Module
— Creating a channel. This lesson is the starting point of your journey into the world of YouTube
— Channel customization. In a single lesson we'll make a banner and logo without any design skills
— Video upload
— Preview and title. I'll give you some really useful tips that other bloggers keep in secret
Bonus: one of the participants will receive a personal consultation from Maksim Sulimau as a gift!